Podcast: Vi Tackar

Vi Tackar (We Thank) : A thankless pod from a bunch of almost sympathetic people!

As a producer you are not use to be the center of attention. Last year  I decided I should take more place and dare to expose myself  more to public opinion. I got invited by my good friend, designer Alexander Castro from Pocketsize Webbyrå and artist Tobias Törnblom to participate in their project Vi Tackar, a podcast about friends, food and beer.

I attended first as a guest but we realised we had such a great chemistry that they invited me to stay in the project. Unfortunately we reordered only 10 episodes due lack of time, but we got great feedback from friends and listeners. I loved being part of this project!

The podcast is in Swedish, you can listen to the episodes here:

Photo by: Max Alm-Norell

Music by: Joaquin Martinez

Mastered by: Martin Thalström (NBS records)