PR: The Black Rose Trick

I met my friend Mette Schwarz at a party in Copenhagen. We were talking about how  I felt living in Sweden, not having a social network and not being able to find a job in what I wanted cause I couldn’t speak Swedish yet.

Then she said – there’s this artist I know Signa Sørensen (now Signa Köstler) directing a performance in cooperation with students from the University of Malmö, would you be interested to join them? – I said yes.. Mette and I kept in touch for the following weeks, and then she finally told me they were having a big meeting at the University, she gave me the date and time and I went there.

During this meeting they explained that the goal of this project was for the students to gain experience while working in the performance. . I said I wasn’t a student but I was interested to join and they agreed. There were different crews that took care of: sound and light design, multimedia, scenography, IT, Direction, Administration and Public Relations. I joined the Swedish PR group. We worked very close with the Danish organization behind the production KanonHallen, and their PR manager: Mette Burmeister.

The name of the performance-Installation was THE BLACK ROSE TRICK, and consisted in a 10 days non stop performance in a  strange three-floor hotel, where the audience is invited to explore the many rooms and secrets, while being watched 24 hours a day by 16 cameras.”

We got to borrow an abandoned building and we turned it into a 50’s hotel. The general public could just come and visit or they could even check in and spend the night there. The performance was a success!! Every day was sold out.

The PR group developed a Guerrilla Campaign to promote The Black Rose Trick. The campaign consisted in producing and placing objects that would make us think about a hotel, utilizing intriguing ways to catch the attention of those who found these objects. My team and I not only develop the campaign concept but also made all the material our selves.

This was my first experience working with this kind of publicity, and since then I apply it in most of my projects.

The Black Rose Trick project gave me the opportunity to work with proffesionals involved in the cultural environment from both Malmö and Copenhagen. 

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