PROJECT: Sketch or Die Scandinavia

After 8 months I’m ready to write about Sketch or Die Scandinavia, the beautiful Mexican project that I found by accident on the Internet one night and I had the honor to produce the first international version of it. The project consisted basically in a group of illustrators locking their selves in a room and drawing non-stop under 48hrs what people wished through social media (twitter & facebook).

I didn’t hesitate in sending a mail asking them if I could borrow their idea to produce it in Sweden. After a few emails, El Barbon (one of the creators of this project) and I decided to meet in Barcelona, where he was living at that time. I think in general they were skeptic I mean, why would they borrow their project to a stranger…And to be produced in Sweden!! After having a coffee under Barcelona’s sun we agreed to work together. 

We managed to produce Sketch or Die Scandinavia on 5 months through skype meetings and tons of mails. We got into the project great artists: Kristofer Ström (SWE), Basti Santa (SWE), Rickard Grönkvist (SWE), Lina Eriksson (SWE), Stine Hvid (DK) and Jonathan Mthsn (NOR) and around 15 guests.

To produce this project was a whole new experience for me. When you produce an event, you count your success