UcanSkate Logo designed by Spanish artist  Fernando Elvira .

UcanSkate Logo designed by Spanish artist Fernando Elvira.

UCanSkate is a community based project that I started with a bunch of fantastic mexican skater girls.

The Idea of this project was borned on November 2017 when I attended a skate competition for female skateboarders in Mexico City. Ive been interested in Skateboarding since I can even remember and even If Im not a skater I’ve been always involved in one way or another in the scene.

When I attended this competition I had the chance to observe some of the girls skating and started thinking It would be great to gather a crew and start doing projects. So I contacted some of the girls I saw there and we started working towards one goal: To create an uplifting and supporting community for female skateboarders and let the world know what is happening in the Mexican female skateboarding scene.