Since 66 MX

Since 66 MX


When I came back to Mexico I realised I needed to improve my written Spanish. I’ve lived so many years in Scandinavia, which affected my written abilities in my mother tongue, so when I got invited to participate as a guest blogger in Since 66 a platform that promotes the culture around the famous skate brand VANS.

The Editor wanted to bring the female point of view into skateboarding and invited me to join the blog, writing also about other subjects but mainly about skateboarding and also female representation in the skateboarding scene.

Ive been writing for Since 66 almost a year and even If im not very constant I love sharing my point of view with all readers about the female skateboarding scene.

Here you can find some of the articles I’ve written for Since 66:

Is the future female in skateboarding?

Interview with Gnucci

Source: www.since66.mx