TALK: A conversation about urban meeting places

Photo by: Artscape

I was invited to participate in a panel where we discussed the future of urban meeting places. It was interesting to share thoughts with people that work in culture but maybe worked in bigger institutions and have a different approach and public in comparison to our projects at STPLN have. 

It seems like we drifted away a little from the subject from time to time, but I guess that’s what happens in these kind of panel discussions, anyway here is the whole session (in Swedish) in case you wanna take a look.



The panel was formed by:

  • John Peter Nilsson, Moderna Museet Malmö
  • Oyuki Matsumoto, STPLN
  • Jaana Järretorp, Region Skåne
  • Björn Carne Ore, Cirkulationscentralen 
  • Katarina Olsson, Malmo city.