Project: Geek Girls Mexico

Everything started when my friend Sophie Uesson posted on her twitter that Anna Oscarsson was looking for a place to start Geek Girls Öresund. I told my colleague about it who knew Anna and contacted her immediately offering Stapelbäddsparkens premises for this event. A few weeks later we were around 30 women interested in technology and social media,  talking about the possibility to have a Meet Up: an unconference where we could meet and talk about interesting subjects for us.

So that was how in spring 2010 three fantastic girls ( Anna Oscarsson , Emma Estbornand Kristin Heinonen) got the initiative to organise the first Geek Girl Meetup Öresund in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden. A whole day with inspiring sessions by other interesting, smart and fantastic women making it out there!!! 100 Geeks united, networking and exchanging experiences under a whole day. The concept started in Stockholm, then this trio brought it to Öresund, and from there the idea for Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen, driven by an amazing woman Henriette Weber started!

-I have to take this concept to Mexico- I thought!! And here  I am a couple of months later working with my friends Elizabeth & Jackeline Maldonado, Karla Gradilla , Poke Garcia getting all ready to have the first Geek Girl Meetup Mexico on december 11th. 

Im all nervous and excited, on one hand I think is fantastic to be able to hear and meet so many interesting mexican girls!! On the other hand  this project represents a comeback. A "hello, I moved a few years ago, but im still here in heart and thoughts".  I want to hear about whats going on in my Mexico, and how I can help with the experience and knowledge I have collected here...This is how i would love to keep on working in the future, as a bridge between the two cultures I live in.

Geek Girl Meetup Stockholm, Gothenburg, Öresund & Copenhagen: