Tobias Pettersson

Tobias Pettersson, Designer at his own company Package Art Work

Describe her work in one word: Engagement

I was introduced to Oyuki through our mutual friend an colleague David Cuartielles. and  worked with her on December 2010. I was asked to create scenography for the show of “I Love Robots”, a project initiated and managed by Oyuki.

Our collaboration was the least to say inspiring. Oyuki brought me in to the project with faith and room for me to do what I was there for. I enjoyed it because she created an engaging atmosphere around her. The project was executed seamlessly, and that is great project management; when everything flow like a well oiled machine.

Oyuki’s qualities are many, and I am sure I will discover more of them each time I spend time with her. I don’t wish pin point anything special as her distinguishing quality. I would say it like this; I am impressed with her experience and her ambiguous work, she is interested to learn about things which helps her to easily adapt to a new challenging projects, which must be the core and heart of producing.