David Cuartielles


David J. Cuartielles, Entrepreneur & co-founder of Arduino. 


Describe her work in one word: Precise.

Oyuki and I worked together for Stapelbaddsparken creating the I LOVE ROBOTS exhibition and workshop series. These workshops introduced kids to the fields of electronics and robotics. The project consisted in a four days workshop with 16 kids in the ages between 11 and 12, as well as an exhibition showing what they developed during the workshop. 

The collaboration has worked perfectly the whole way. Oyuki took care of managing the process, arranging every aspect of the exhibition, making purchases and make sure the concept would be executed as planned. Since then we have started to collaborate in other projects that aren’t finished yet and therefore I cannot talk too much about them.

Oyuki is great managing groups, getting the people satisfied with the process and getting things done on time. She keeps track of both suppliers, customers, and the audience of a project. It is not common to find people able of getting all the parts of a project synched this well.