Philip Evans

Philip Evans, Film Maker

Describe her work in one word: HOT!

I met Oyuki online while trying to organise a group exhibition we worked on together at STPLN called “CMYK” with the Human Pyramids Artist Collective. So we worked together organising the logistics of the CMYK show, getting different artists involved, organising ramps to paint, hanging the show etc.

Our collaboration was most excellent, we could not have pulled the exhibition off without Oyuki, so we are eternally in her debt!

You know, this is going to sound like bullshit, but anyway, the other day I was thinking “If I were quite rich, or if my business grew to a point of where I had to hire people, I would hire Oyuki. She always seemed to know what she was doing, she never complained and she did a lot of hard work without looking for praise” Really, I thought that!