Katarina Carlsson


Katarina Carlsson, Head of Development at Malmo’s Culture Department www.malmo.se

Describe her work in one word: Professional

We met when I gave a lecture about Region Skåne at Bryggeriets Project management course and since then I have been her mentor and we have collaborated during her production De Dödas Festival (The Festival of the Dead) on 2007.

Our cooperation has always been good.  Oyuki is an observer, she can see a lot and can relate to what she sees.I think she sometimes takes too little space - her work needs to be seen more and thereby get more cred for it. She is very ambitious and meticulous whether its about learning Swedish, business development, project implementation, or just learn new things. she is talented and creative project manager.

Knowledgeable in performance, visual arts, marketing, music, education, etc. - width and depth. Her artistic side is there on the background at the moment but I think she needs  bigger challenges where she can get a bigger arena and to make more independent decisions.

Oyuki has a big strong network in both Malmö, nationally, regionally in the öresund area and internationally.  And this might be as she is a combination of a pleasant and competent person.