Nenad Dodic



Nenad Dodic, Freelance designer.

Describe her work with one word: Tough

We met in 2014, when I  came from Serbia as a part of the CREATE IN RESIDENCY program by the Swedish Institute and Serbian organisation Nova Iskra. I spent a lot of time at STPLN where Oyuki work as a project manager.

We worked very closely on a great project called STPLN Window Project. Beside this she also helped me with a lot of my other small project during my stay in Malmo. Our collaboration was perfect. We kind of matched and instantly felt like we had  the same story. We had great ideas that we combined. I was a stranger in Malmo and Oyuki was the one that connected me to some people that are very relevant in local art scene which was great and inspiring for me. 

Oyukis strong sides are that she knows a lot, especially from art. She knows very well what is relevant, i think she has the ability to feel the artists intentions and make it work even better than previously imagined.