Jannica hedlund


Jannica Hedlund, Concept developer and Fashion Designer at her own company www.designbyissa.se 

Describe her work in one word: Passion&Hardworking

I met Oyuki through our common friend Lina Johansson, when working at the culture house Inkonst in Malmö. Oyuki thought I was very "unswedish" when I huged her the very first day we met.

We got to work together when we  creted the VIP area at one of the biggest music festivals in Sweden, Arvika Festivalen. Our cooperation worked out very well. The result was great and the process of getting there was very stimulating, fun and challenging.

Oyuki is just an amazing producer and creator. I admire her ability to form an idea and to make it real very effectively.I respect and appreciate that she is very simple to work with, she is honest, fun and solves problems like no one else.