Genti Cifliku


Genti Cifliku,  Project Manager. Department of Culture, Municipality of Malmo, Sweden.

Describe her work in one word: Perfection.

I met Oyuki during my studies of project managment. We were in the same class, and Oyuki had been here in Sweden for a short while. Oyuki and me have been working together in different occasions. During our studies we worked in different projects, after our studies our paths have crossed in different proffessional settings. Honestly less times than I´ve wished or hoped for.

Since the begining of our relationship, what struck me was Oyuki's sense for detail and her ambitious perfection. She rarely starts something that she can't finish in a perfect manner. With this I mean that she has a way in which organisation and structure, affects a whole process and thus the product.

Wether it be a simple design work, or a rearrangement of an appartment. As I mentioned earlier the downside of working with Oyuki, was the low amount of opportunities, in which I had the honor to work with her. 

Oyuki is both creative, structured, organisational and focused when she takes on a challenge. A true inspiration and without hesitation an important mentor for me.