Emily Johnsson


Emily Johnsson,  Cultural Sector Consultant (audiences, strategy, evaluation)


Describe her work in one word: Cutting- edge (oops, guess that’s two!)

I first met Oyuki through a mutual friend (a film maker) and then later, through work, when Oyuki was project managing an innovative pilot project which encouraged young people to engage in peer to peer learning.

 I was doing consultancy work in Malmö, which has concerned strategic development for the Department of Culture, I have had the pleasure of observing Oyuki’s work since 2007. She is a well-known and highly respected project manager, innovator and creative individual in the sector. 

 Oyuki always seems to deliver to deadline and within budget. Her projects stand out, offering something out –of – the ordinary. She is a cutting-edge creator by nature. Bringing together artists, young people and creative professionals with differing agendas can be an inspiring, yet difficult task. Oyuki’s dedication (and slight stubbornness!) means she completes projects, even in the face of challenge and changing circumstances.

Her dedication sometimes means she can be a little impatient, but it ensures that things get done.  There is no time like the present for Oyuki! Some of her qualities are: creativity, thoroughness, self- sufficiency, adaptability.