Diego San José


Diego San José, Scriptwriter for Spanish Film & TV.

Describe her work in one word: Effectiveness.

Oyuki and I met year 2001 in Guadalajara (Mexico) at the start of the preparation of the fiction-shortfilm NO TEMAS (Be Not Afraid). She took care of the production and management of this film production from its conception to its premiere.

The cooperation between us worked very well. We were able to carry out the project in a context where it was not so common to have this type of initiative. A great crew was put together and the production took care of all the negotiations with the University, trademarks sponsorships, promotion in media, etc.  When I think about the experience, I believe the most reasonable thing would have been to stop before the short film was made but instead it was recorded. Creatively was the first experience for many of us and off course this “baptism” implied all natural imperfections.

Oyuki has many great qualities; she has a fantastic ability for organization and an unwavering discipline. During the filmmaking, she served as an engine that motivated and intimidated at the same time. I think if the crew never threw the towel was not because they didn’t wanted to, but because she wouldn’t had allowed us to.