Diego San José


Diego San José, Scriptwriter for Spanish Film & TV.

Describe her work in one word: Effectiveness.

Oyuki and I met year 2001 in Guadalajara (Mexico) at the start of the preparation of the fiction-shortfilm NO TEMAS (Be Not Afraid). She took care of the production and management of this film production from its conception to its premiere.

The cooperation between us worked very well. We were able to carry out the project in a context where it was not so common to have this type of initiative. A great crew was put together and the production took care of all the negotiations with the University, trademarks sponsorships, promotion in media, etc.  When I think about the experience, I believe the most reasonable thing would have been to stop before the short film was made but instead it was recorded. Creatively was the first experience for many of us and off course this “baptism” implied all natural imperfections.

Oyuki has many great qualities; she has a fantastic ability for organization and an unwavering discipline. During the filmmaking, she served as an engine that motivated and intimidated at the same time. I think if the crew never threw the towel was not because they didn’t wanted to, but because she wouldn’t had allowed us to.


Genti Cifliku


Genti Cifliku,  Project Manager. Department of Culture, Municipality of Malmo, Sweden.

Describe her work in one word: Perfection.

I met Oyuki during my studies of project managment. We were in the same class, and Oyuki had been here in Sweden for a short while. Oyuki and me have been working together in different occasions. During our studies we worked in different projects, after our studies our paths have crossed in different proffessional settings. Honestly less times than I´ve wished or hoped for.

Since the begining of our relationship, what struck me was Oyuki's sense for detail and her ambitious perfection. She rarely starts something that she can't finish in a perfect manner. With this I mean that she has a way in which organisation and structure, affects a whole process and thus the product.

Wether it be a simple design work, or a rearrangement of an appartment. As I mentioned earlier the downside of working with Oyuki, was the low amount of opportunities, in which I had the honor to work with her. 

Oyuki is both creative, structured, organisational and focused when she takes on a challenge. A true inspiration and without hesitation an important mentor for me.


Nenad Dodic



Nenad Dodic, Freelance designer.


Describe her work with one word: Tough

We met in 2014, when I  came from Serbia as a part of the CREATE IN RESIDENCY program by the Swedish Institute and Serbian organisation Nova Iskra. I spent a lot of time at STPLN where Oyuki work as a project manager.

We worked very closely on a great project called STPLN Window Project. Beside this she also helped me with a lot of my other small project during my stay in Malmo. Our collaboration was perfect. We kind of matched and instantly felt like we had  the same story. We had great ideas that we combined. I was a stranger in Malmo and Oyuki was the one that connected me to some people that are very relevant in local art scene which was great and inspiring for me. 

Oyukis strong sides are that she knows a lot, especially from art. She knows very well what is relevant, i think she has the ability to feel the artists intentions and make it work even better than previously imagined.  


Karla Gradilla


Karla Gradilla, Co-Director Geek Girls Mexico. 


Describe her work in one word: Inspiring.

I met Oyuki in Guadalajara, Mexico. We were both studying a Bachelor in Arts in Communication at ITESO and hanging around at the same events. 

Years later she invited me to participate at the GeekGirl Meet Up in Guadalajara in December 2010, where I was soon added to the production team and kept on working with the project through all these years.

Working with Oyuki was challenging, demanding and very satisfying. We had a nourishing experience! 


Oyukis working abilities are project management and logistics. 






Little Finger


Rasmus Alkestrand & Magnus Johansson , The bosses at Little Finger Creative Studio

www. little-finger.com

Describe her work in one Word: Visionary.

We met through the initiation of The STPLN Window Project- a series of live-paintings by invited artists working on the windows at STPLN, which Little Finger is co-producing together with Oyuki and we even had a Little Finger Release party at STPLN.

Our collaboration since then has been very good! Oyuki had done her homework and knew what we were about and how to make a collaboration with us work.

Oyuki is a straight up professional with the ability to juggle many things at once - a key skill in a good producer. She has a good sense of artistic quality too!






Emily Johnsson


Emily Johnsson,  Cultural Sector Consultant (audiences, strategy, evaluation)


Describe her work in one word: Cutting- edge (oops, guess that’s two!)

I first met Oyuki through a mutual friend (a film maker) and then later, through work, when Oyuki was project managing an innovative pilot project which encouraged young people to engage in peer to peer learning.

 I was doing consultancy work in Malmö, which has concerned strategic development for the Department of Culture, I have had the pleasure of observing Oyuki’s work since 2007. She is a well-known and highly respected project manager, innovator and creative individual in the sector. 

 Oyuki always seems to deliver to deadline and within budget. Her projects stand out, offering something out –of – the ordinary. She is a cutting-edge creator by nature. Bringing together artists, young people and creative professionals with differing agendas can be an inspiring, yet difficult task. Oyuki’s dedication (and slight stubbornness!) means she completes projects, even in the face of challenge and changing circumstances.

Her dedication sometimes means she can be a little impatient, but it ensures that things get done.  There is no time like the present for Oyuki! Some of her qualities are: creativity, thoroughness, self- sufficiency, adaptability.


Jannica hedlund


Jannica Hedlund, Concept developer and Fashion Designer at her own company www.designbyissa.se 

Describe her work in one word: Passion&Hardworking

I met Oyuki through our common friend Lina Johansson, when working at the culture house Inkonst in Malmö. Oyuki thought I was very "unswedish" when I huged her the very first day we met.

We got to work together when we  creted the VIP area at one of the biggest music festivals in Sweden, Arvika Festivalen. Our cooperation worked out very well. The result was great and the process of getting there was very stimulating, fun and challenging.

Oyuki is just an amazing producer and creator. I admire her ability to form an idea and to make it real very effectively.I respect and appreciate that she is very simple to work with, she is honest, fun and solves problems like no one else.



Tobias Pettersson

Tobias Pettersson, Designer at his own company Package Art Work

Describe her work in one word: Engagement

I was introduced to Oyuki through our mutual friend an colleague David Cuartielles. and  worked with her on December 2010. I was asked to create scenography for the show of “I Love Robots”, a project initiated and managed by Oyuki.

Our collaboration was the least to say inspiring. Oyuki brought me in to the project with faith and room for me to do what I was there for. I enjoyed it because she created an engaging atmosphere around her. The project was executed seamlessly, and that is great project management; when everything flow like a well oiled machine.

Oyuki’s qualities are many, and I am sure I will discover more of them each time I spend time with her. I don’t wish pin point anything special as her distinguishing quality. I would say it like this; I am impressed with her experience and her ambiguous work, she is interested to learn about things which helps her to easily adapt to a new challenging projects, which must be the core and heart of producing. 

Katarina Carlsson


Katarina Carlsson, Head of Development at Malmo’s Culture Department www.malmo.se

Describe her work in one word: Professional

We met when I gave a lecture about Region Skåne at Bryggeriets Project management course and since then I have been her mentor and we have collaborated during her production De Dödas Festival (The Festival of the Dead) on 2007.

Our cooperation has always been good.  Oyuki is an observer, she can see a lot and can relate to what she sees.I think she sometimes takes too little space - her work needs to be seen more and thereby get more cred for it. She is very ambitious and meticulous whether its about learning Swedish, business development, project implementation, or just learn new things. she is talented and creative project manager.

Knowledgeable in performance, visual arts, marketing, music, education, etc. - width and depth. Her artistic side is there on the background at the moment but I think she needs  bigger challenges where she can get a bigger arena and to make more independent decisions.

Oyuki has a big strong network in both Malmö, nationally, regionally in the öresund area and internationally.  And this might be as she is a combination of a pleasant and competent person.




Philip Evans

Philip Evans, Film Maker


Describe her work in one word: HOT!

I met Oyuki online while trying to organise a group exhibition we worked on together at STPLN called “CMYK” with the Human Pyramids Artist Collective. So we worked together organising the logistics of the CMYK show, getting different artists involved, organising ramps to paint, hanging the show etc.

Our collaboration was most excellent, we could not have pulled the exhibition off without Oyuki, so we are eternally in her debt!

You know, this is going to sound like bullshit, but anyway, the other day I was thinking “If I were quite rich, or if my business grew to a point of where I had to hire people, I would hire Oyuki. She always seemed to know what she was doing, she never complained and she did a lot of hard work without looking for praise” Really, I thought that!

Ola Persson

Ola Persson, Student at Creative Service Leadership.

Describe her work in one word: Limitless

We met at Stapelbäddsparken during a workplacement while studying, my goal was to gain an insight of project management within the culture sector, with Oyuki leading the way.. I was thrown into it.

Since then we worked together during several projects where the most extensive one has been I LOVE ROBOTS which was created and managed by Oyuki. The project met many challenges in form of a narrow time aspect, limited personal and work space. To make the project possible Oyuki put together a team of very talanted people with different backgrounds and skills that complemented eachother on a great level. With the limited resources in consideration, she made the group to perform over what was expected from any observer.

With a natural feel for creativity, a focused and overlooking managing skill Oyuki creates the atmosphere and platform which inspire people. The difference is that some people try to meet expectations while Oyuki reaches goals with a great inner vision. This is the quality that makes her work not “good enough” but clearly excellent.

Alex Castro

Alexander Castro, Graphic Design & Front-End Web


Describe her work in one word: Zealous 

I first met Oyuki through a mutual friend. He had asked a bunch of friends to help him renovate his living room and kitchen, and having the fantastic sense of taste that this woman has, it was no doubt she could help him with that. 

Since then, we’ve worked together on several occasions. Most of the times on projects she ran where she needed miscellaneous graphic art for print and web. We have learned to know each other on a personal level now, so know we know each other’s boundaries and ways of working. So taking that into consideration the collaborations went more or less smoothly and effortlessly.

 Oyuki knows what she wants. She is ambitious and diligent and does not really take no for an answer.

David Cuartielles


David J. Cuartielles, Entrepreneur & co-founder of Arduino. 


Describe her work in one word: Precise.

Oyuki and I worked together for Stapelbaddsparken creating the I LOVE ROBOTS exhibition and workshop series. These workshops introduced kids to the fields of electronics and robotics. The project consisted in a four days workshop with 16 kids in the ages between 11 and 12, as well as an exhibition showing what they developed during the workshop. 

The collaboration has worked perfectly the whole way. Oyuki took care of managing the process, arranging every aspect of the exhibition, making purchases and make sure the concept would be executed as planned. Since then we have started to collaborate in other projects that aren’t finished yet and therefore I cannot talk too much about them.

Oyuki is great managing groups, getting the people satisfied with the process and getting things done on time. She keeps track of both suppliers, customers, and the audience of a project. It is not common to find people able of getting all the parts of a project synched this well.